fashion design

David Meister – Otis Mentor Project

My senior mentor project, a cocktail dress featuring fluttering cape sleeves, designed for David Meister.

As a sustainable fashion minor, part of the challenge for this design project was to use sustainable fabrics. This dress is made from organic cotton voile. I played with the transparency of the fabric by layering a bias strip treatment over, forming a plaid-like pattern on the body of the dress. These stripes are then sewn down with beads and crystals. Additionally, multiples types of feathers are attached to the dress, with crystals, along with a layered ostrich feather trim at the hem.


Tech Pack – Fe/Male Intermix

This is a digital tech pack put together in Adobe Photoshop with digital flats, made in Adobe Illustrator.

This collection consists of three outfits, taken from an independent design project I did my junior year of Otis. The project was based on an early painting of Jackson Pollock’s, titled “Male & Female,” and the design aesthetic of fashion designer Thakoon. Both artists focus on male and female roles in their work, as evidenced by the subject and title of the painting by Pollock, and the structured silhouettes Thakoon often uses which are masculine, but somehow feminine at the same time.

The full project that this tech pack is based off, complete with the referenced painting by Pollock, will be uploaded soon.1_Title Page Shenna2_Merchandising Board Shenna_big flats3_Fabrics Shenna4_Line Sheet 1 Shenna4_Line Sheet 2 Shenna4_Line Sheet 3 Shenna4_Line Sheet 4 Shenna4_Line Sheet 5 Shenna4_Line Sheet 6 Shenna5_Tech Pack0202_1_Cover Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0202_2_Fabric Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0202_3_Detailed Sketch Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0202_4_Special Details Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0301_1_Cover Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0301_2_Fabric Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0301_3_Detailed Sketch Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0301_4_Special Details Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0302_1_Cover Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0302_2_Fabric Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0302_3_Detailed Sketch Page Shenna5_Tech Pack0302_4_Special Details Page Shenna