Woodland Dream

Woodland Dream is a nature-inspired collection I designed in 2015. It is an Autumn/Winter collection. This project is one that is perhaps most indicative of my own personal style that I completed while at Otis. I especially like the coat with scarf attached and the cozy wrap skirt!

Photos of fabric board to come!

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Boundary Point

Boundary Point is a collection I designed in April 2017. It is a sporty goth collection for juniors, inspired by traditional activewear and current streetwear fashion.

I designed each piece with the idea of mixing and matching, to allowing each customer’s unique take on the style to shine through.

Please note the images you see are not formatted for digital viewing and were meant to be printed and drawn over by hand for touch ups on the figures and clothing flats. For that reason, you may notice one set of flats are missing currently, as they were added via a fold-out page in my physical portfolio. Updated pictures, including of the fabric page, to come!

1 Boundary Point-Cover Pg 2 new Color match version with season0 Boundary Point flatten2 Boundary Point-Lineup v4 flatten3 Boundary Point-Flats v3 flatten3-2 Boundary Point-Flats v3 flatten

Otis Mentorship Project

My second mentor project during my senior year at Otis College of Art & Design. Photos were taken from Otis’ 2017 juried fashion show.

Mentor: Poesia by Chris Chang, a couture designer from Shanghai

Design: My design consists of a kimono-influenced top, a tiered and asymmetrical wrap skirt, and a Chinese brocade obi belt with a tasseled contrast tie. The entire outfit is crafted from traditional indigo dyed and patterned fabrics from Nantong, China. The top features hand-made flowers, fringes, and colorful patchworking that plays off of the unique, nonuniform grid pattern of the fabric.